Monday, October 18, 2010


So, personally, I use a lot of different blogs/websites for my couponing enjoyment. Some of those being...

Southern Savers
Clippin' with Carie

Totally Target
I Heart Publix
I Heart Saving Money

...along with,, and which all have wonderful coupons that most of these sites will eventually lead you to.

This weekend I had the biggest savings trip of my life!!! :) It was wonderful, and yes, I did buy things that I needed. Because that's what I always hear. "You're spending more money than you would need to." "You wouldn't buy that without a coupon." "I don't know what I'm talking about, but I want people to think I do." Haha...they don't actually say that last one, but it's what they're doing. :) "They" being that group of people who uses these excuses to keep from couponing.

To prove that I shop with a purpose, I am going to break down my recent Publix trip and show what I got and how much I saved.

What I got:

1 box of Capri Sun (for Raymond, he wanted it)

1 Clorox toilet bowl cleaner (I was all out!)

2 Green Giant valley fresh steamers

1 bag of Tyson boneless chicken tenderloins

1 Jose Ole breakfast burrito

2 Aunt Jemima's microwave breakfasts

2 Degree deodorants (for Raymond)

2 Mott's Medley juice

2 Hillshire Farms smoked sausage

2 Betty Crocker fruit snacks (gushers, fruit roll up and fruit by the foot combo box!)

2 bags of Seneca apple chips

2 Marie Callender's fresh steamers

2 Cole's garlic loaves

1 2.5 lb bag of Idaho potatoes

5 boxes of Mueller pasta

2 Bertolli pasta sauce

1 4-pack of Green Giant green beans

1 Febreeze set&fresh (Meadow and Rain-my apt smells so good!!!)

How much I saved (and how much I spent):

That would be a grand total of $24.11 spent and $65.86 NOT spent.

I love coupons.

You can find all these deals on Here's a link for this particular week of Publix deals. It's not too can go tonight or anytime tomorrow and still get these deals...if you live close to a Publix.

I'll keep you guys updated on more coupons and trips, but for now, take a look at this gorgeous African Violet growing on my porch!!! (and I've had it over a year, so I'm doing good!)

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