Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ode to PJHD

Peter Jovi Harvey Dent Clark.
It may seem like a long and obnoxious name to you, but it is with pride that my cat accepted the name given to her.

Peter = friend of Piper (Natalies's dog)
Jovi = Buddy's girlfriend (from ELF, and Lynne's dog is Buddy)
Harvey Dent = Two Face (just look at her face!)
Clark =family name
The first part of her life is a mystery to me. It was a mere year ago that she stumbled into my life. Let's reminisce...

Here's a pic of her right after I rescued her from the evil dungeon, also known as The Pound.
She was so tiny!

Nowadays, tiny, she is not. But she's not fat either. With a life mostly committed to sleeping and housing fleas, she isn't as fat as she could be. Playing fetch helps. So does wrestling.

Anyway, back then I was just missing my kitty back home and I thought it would be a nice gesture to get a new one who was in need a good home, because I had a good home.

I went with my seester, Natalie, to pick a nice kitty out of the lot.

And guess who ran up to the cage gate and started purring and pawing the door and stretching towards me??? You got it, PJHD. She was unaware of her name then, but she knew that I was her mom.

She has always loved getting right up in my face. She still does it today. I make these videos on facebook called WebKam and she is one of the stars, well the only other star besides me. :)

She's just like her mom though; she loves the spotlight!

She and I used to be much closer before a certain someone came into both of our lives.


I started spending more time with him than with her and she started to like him more than me! You would think that she would despise this man who had taker her mother's time and concentration away from her, but no. Just because he plays with her all the time and fills her bowl when it's empty and cradles her the way she likes...ugh.

I can't blame her. He is pretty cute.

We had some good bonding time today, so I think I may be winning the favorite parent game for now. It's not fair that Ray isn't even her dad and he wins most of the time.

I just want to make sure you all get to see one example of how stupid she is before I finish.
This is kitty stuck between the screen door and the glass door on the patio. When she had her front claws she would climb to the top, smushed between the glass and the screen. Now, with now claws, she just gets herself into tight places and tries to wriggle her way free.
That's my cat and I love her.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My cat is confused.

I would like to show the world why my cat is the best cat EVER.

This is as real as you can get. I didn't even do any editing to this clip. I should've shaved some empty seconds off the beginning and cut it off early at the end, but I wanted you guys to see that this video was not tampered with in any way. I can't imagine having a better cat. :)

Just so you know, my cat's name is Peter Jovi Harvey Dent Clark. SHE is a girl. HER name is Peter. When I took her to the vet for the first time I told them her name was Jovi, mostly so they wouldn't judge me. But hey, there are a lot of reverse names these Ryan as a girl's name and Courtney as a guy's name. Weird, yes, but they should not be shunned. I mean, name is Kamryn. Maybe that's why I named the cat Peter. Because I knew it would make her stronger and it would help her find her identity in things other than the gender of her name. Like I always say: "It builds character."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Middle Schoolers and Jesus

I got to tell some middle schoolers about Jesus today. Whoa...that's kind of a serious first sentence to my first blog ever, but it's true. A room packed with 45 middle schoolers may sound like someone's nightmare, but I absolutely love it. Not many can say that they enjoyed middle school as a student, I know that I can't. But now, with my middle school years far behind me, I actually enjoy it. It's neat to see the girls who were just like me when I was in middle school and to see all the ways in which my middle school experience was similar to theirs and also how it was completely different.

In the South, you find some of the coolest names. Names that sound like a first and middle name together, but no, it's their full first name. This may seem random, but some of my middle school girls have awesome "double" names. I am officially going to start calling myself Kami Jo. That could be my first name here and no one would think anything of it. They wouldn't be like "Hey, is Jo your middle name?" No, they would understand that I live in the South and two names are common and put on a pedestal in the Southern, high-class society. Kami Jo: the Southern Belle. Sounds good to me!