Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Want some SWAG???

What does SWAG even stand for? I have no idea, but if I had to guess I would say....Sweet White Alligator Goggles. Yeah...SWAG! And when I say "alligator goggles", I mean goggles that an alligator is wearing, not a person wearing goggles made out of an alligator! Why would a person do that??!

Apparently, swag is a verb in Australia. It means
to travel about carrying one's bundle of personal belongings. Thank you,

The reason I bring up SWAG is because the word Swag has been on my computer screen everyday for the last couple days. I've been using the search engine on and have been earning some points!!! When you sign up with Swag Bucks you get a chance to earn points every time you search using their search engine. Sure, you don't win every time, but sometimes! And when you get enough points you can get free stuff...all for sitting on you butt and playing on the computer! AMAZING!!!

Click on the banner below to start earning points for yourself! When you get enough points to get something for free you should let me know. I like knowing when people get free stuff!

Search & Win

I'll be posting more sites and opportunities to win free stuff later on so keep your eyes open! Happy winning!...and being lazy!

Kami Jo