Thursday, October 8, 2009

My cat is confused.

I would like to show the world why my cat is the best cat EVER.

This is as real as you can get. I didn't even do any editing to this clip. I should've shaved some empty seconds off the beginning and cut it off early at the end, but I wanted you guys to see that this video was not tampered with in any way. I can't imagine having a better cat. :)

Just so you know, my cat's name is Peter Jovi Harvey Dent Clark. SHE is a girl. HER name is Peter. When I took her to the vet for the first time I told them her name was Jovi, mostly so they wouldn't judge me. But hey, there are a lot of reverse names these Ryan as a girl's name and Courtney as a guy's name. Weird, yes, but they should not be shunned. I mean, name is Kamryn. Maybe that's why I named the cat Peter. Because I knew it would make her stronger and it would help her find her identity in things other than the gender of her name. Like I always say: "It builds character."

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