Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Middle Schoolers and Jesus

I got to tell some middle schoolers about Jesus today. Whoa...that's kind of a serious first sentence to my first blog ever, but it's true. A room packed with 45 middle schoolers may sound like someone's nightmare, but I absolutely love it. Not many can say that they enjoyed middle school as a student, I know that I can't. But now, with my middle school years far behind me, I actually enjoy it. It's neat to see the girls who were just like me when I was in middle school and to see all the ways in which my middle school experience was similar to theirs and also how it was completely different.

In the South, you find some of the coolest names. Names that sound like a first and middle name together, but no, it's their full first name. This may seem random, but some of my middle school girls have awesome "double" names. I am officially going to start calling myself Kami Jo. That could be my first name here and no one would think anything of it. They wouldn't be like "Hey, is Jo your middle name?" No, they would understand that I live in the South and two names are common and put on a pedestal in the Southern, high-class society. Kami Jo: the Southern Belle. Sounds good to me!

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